Power of Prayer: Emotional Discharge

​Sometimes I cry when I pray. They’re not usually tears of pain, sorrow or anger. They’re usually from feeling overwhelmed and being lost in life. After I pray, I notice that I always stop crying. I take it as a confirmation that my prayer has been received by Heavenly Father and that He will answer. It’s not to say that I don’t start crying again later or never feel overwhelmed ever again, but for that brief moment, I feel a rush of peace. There’s a calmness. It’s like being in a frantic state of mind and someone says, “Hey, what can I do to help?” And you tell them. And they do it. And suddenly you feel relieved. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Like an elephant exits the room. That’s what prayer feels like to me. Though my prayer might not be answered immediately, I know that those answers will come. Maybe in their own time, but I know definitively that they will come.


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